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Transform your home with the beauty and warmth of timber windows from Domus Arbor. As a leading manufacturer and marketer of timber windows, entrance doors, and sliding window systems, we use advanced equipment to fulfill diverse and complex orders. Our priorities are natural materials and collaboration with customers seeking high-quality wooden products at an advantageous price.

Why Choose Domus Arbor?

We continue to improve constantly, to make our customers happy.
  • Sustainability and Saving
    Wood is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly window material. Our timber windows are sustainable and eco-friendly, providing unique comfort and cosiness. With our advanced manufacturing technologies, we guarantee thermal comfort and energy savings in your home. We also offer an extended warranty and free maintenance after one year of use.
  • Warranty and Customer Care
    The installation of new doors and windows is an important investment in your home. Domus Arbor offers an extended warranty for its products, because we are sure that our customers invest in quality. After one year of using our double-glazed timber windows we offer free maintenance.
  • Durability and High Technologies
    At Domus Arbor, we use advanced German manufacturing equipment and parts from leading international brands to create products that will remain functional for at least 60 years. Our manufacturing process is based on advanced technologies, innovations, and sustainable production principles.
  • Quality at a Reasonable Price
    We understand that in today's world, we face choices every day. That's why we create premium-class timber windows and doors that offer supreme quality materials and manufacturing excellence at an affordable price. We aim to bring maximum customer advantage with our collaboration.

How to Order Timber Windows

Submit your request on our site and start on the path of your dream.
  • 1
    Order on Website
    Submit your request on the website and within three hours, we will send you a provisional quotation and offer detailed consultation on the choice of frames, materials, structure types, glass, and appropriate accessories. Our highly qualified technicians will take measurements on site and offer the most suitable solutions.
  • 2
    A timber window project begins with measurements taken by highly qualified technicians. Our specialists have extensive experience and will be pleased to offer the most suitable solutions on-site.
  • 3
    Contract and Payment
    After approval of all essential details, we create the contract for the production of premium-class windows and doors. The contract can be signed at our headquarters or at a location of your choice. Once the contract is signed and the advance payment received, we start the manufacturing process of your order.
  • 4
    After the sketches have been approved, the order proceeds to production. Manufacturing, based on advanced and innovative technologies, is carried out using modern and reliable equipment from German brands such as Weinig, Homag, and Leitz.
  • 5
    Delivery and Assembly
    Our specialised vehicles ensure careful transportation to prevent deformation and guarantee the preservation of product integrity. We also offer dismantling of old structures (if necessary) and preparation of apertures, including cleaning, adjustment or enlargement. Assembly is guaranteed to meet energy efficiency standards and comply with current regulations.
  • 6
    Extended Warranty and Customer Support
    Our extended warranty demonstrates our total confidence in the reliability and quality of our products. We will do our utmost to provide excellent service and prompt resolution of any issues that may arise.

Why Choose Timber Windows?

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Prices for Timber Windows

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Corporate Customers

Domus Arbor is a reliable partner for both public and private sector clients. We work with window manufacturers, entrepreneurs, construction and rehabilitation companies, and design and architecture offices to provide a personalised approach, favourable conditions for collaboration, and speedy resolution of any challenges. Our partnership will take your business to a new level of efficiency!
Contact us to learn more about our special conditions for corporate clients and partners.
Words from Our Clients
Opinions on Timber Windows .
Diego Silva
Private Client
We recently used Domus Arbor to replace our old timber windows with modern ones. The manager and installation technician were very attentive and thorough in analysing the order and our preferences. They paid attention to every detail and were able to suggest exactly what we were looking for. The windows installed are of excellent quality, all deadlines were met, and the installation was quick and neat. We are very happy with our choice and would recommend Domus Arbor to all our friends. 
Martin Gomes
Private Client
Thank you for the excellent windows in our new home! I took my time choosing a timber window installation company, and when I called Domus Arbor, the conversation with Manuela went well from the very start. She understood my needs right away and paid attention to my deadlines, and at no point wes she trying to make me buy something. After I had an idea of the prices, I booked the technician's visit. The technician arrived and explained to me all the nuances of assembly. There were no hurry and no stress. I signed the contract straight away and made the down payment. The provisional deadline I was given was 65 days, but it turned out to be much quicker. I found a small defect in the sheet, and it was replaced quickly and without any problems. What I was most concerned about was the installation itself. But when it came to it, I realised that there was no need to worry, and everything was done thoroughly and calmly. They confirmed and reconfirmed a thousand times before cutting the sills and jambs. I'm really happy with the end result and would recommend Eco Janelas to everyone. My special thanks go to Manuela and the installation team! Everything was done thoroughly and calmly.
Private Client
After signing the contract, we had to wait for more than a month for the windows to be manufactured. The windows arrived on the appointed date, and the next day they were assembled turnkey. The technician recommended energy-saving windows for our cottage, and we don't regret it. We are warm in winter and cool in summer, and the house has become quieter with more natural light. I would recommend Domus Arbor to anyone looking to replace their windows. They have their own production facilities and competent employees.
Antonio Peres
Private Client
I rarely end up totally satisfied, I am very picky. But the windows from Domus Arbor were an exception. We contacted many companies when looking for new windows for our flat and holiday home, but it was our neighbour who recommended Domus Arbor to us. The specialist we spoke to was friendly and not pushy at all. They did what was agreed on time, installed all the windows in just four days, and explained the maintenance rules. The windows look fantastic, and the discount they offered was much appreciated. We couldn't be happier with the end result.


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