Partnership with Сorporate Сlients

Domus Arbor invites designers, architects, construction companies and specialists to establish long-term partnerships for the installation of timber windows.
Are you self-employed or an entrepreneur?
Are you an independent professional or an entrepreneur? We are always open to cooperation and have prepared a special partnership programme with mutually advantageous conditions.

With our solid experience and success in the production of timber doors and windows, sliding frames, face structures, and timber glasshouses with customized projects, you can be sure that our luxury products will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Joining us as our products distributor will be an effective and advantageous step towards the growth and development of your business. It is a partnership with a minimum initial investment, easy to start and with no regional limits, as our technicians are ready to work all over Portugal, Spain and France. With our assistance, which we offer to ensure high performance, you will quickly increase your profits.

Advantages of the Partnership

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    In-House Manufacturing
    With in-house manufacturing, we can control the production process in all its stages, from the control of the parts and materials received to the dispatch of the finished product from the factory, guaranteeing the delivery of an excellent quality product to the end consumer.
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    Premium Quality Materials and Parts
    Our products use parts and materials of the international leading brands, like the latest generation fittings from "Roto Frank" (Germany) and "Siegenia-Aubi" (Austria), paints and varnishes from "Remmers" (Germany) and "Teknos" (Finland), seals from "Deventer" (Germany), and more.
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    Technical Assistance
    Eco Janelas offers complete technical assistance in a timely manner to architects, planners, and designers. We also provide individual project supervision, support in creating complex facilities projects, consultations for choosing products, and all kinds of technical information.
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    We seek to adopt all the innovative solutions of the window market in our product portfolio. We pay special attention to the security of our products, through additional security functions, implementation of the most advanced design solutions, as well as sustainability and energy efficiency.

The Domus Arbor portfolio features:

  • modern windows made from different varieties of timber, including precious species;
  • historic windows and windows with original designs;
  • customised windows, circular windows, structures with built-in blinds;
  • windows with special functions: burglar protection, fireproof, bulletproof;
  • windows for passive houses, double frames.
Obter as condições especiais para clientes corporativos e parceiros.
Adoramos conversar com os nossos clientes.
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