Glazing Project

Our glazing projects begin with careful project design, ensuring that our solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our Projects

The projects created by our engineers cover a variety of buildings and structures, including:

  • Flats and cottages;
  • Glasshouses;
  • Balconies, sunrooms, terraces;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Restaurants;
  • Office buildings and hotels;
  • Luxury residential buildings, and more.

Glass Types and Shapes

At Domus Arbor, our in-house team of engineers and technicians is our main competitive advantage. Our highly experienced specialists can create complex projects and find solutions where other manufacturers fall short. We offer designs of translucent structures, including:
  • Small-radius arched structures;
  • Balcony windows with sloping sashes;
  • Panoramic glazing in large spans with column and beam systems;
  • Large windows and circular shapes;
  • Glasshouses and glass roofs;
  • Skylights and entrance elements of various configurations.

Timber Windows Project by Domus Arbor

If you're looking for timber windows, our team has years of experience in the luxury glazing market and we're always the first to implement innovative solutions in the European market. At Domus Arbor, we pride ourselves on our high manufacturing technologies. By minimising the human factor, we achieve ideal geometry, precision accessories fitting and excellent quality of the wood surface - something impossible to achieve with other types of equipment.
  • We manufacture structures second to none in the market;
  • Highly complex glazing projects;
  • Quality certificates for all products;
  • Extended warranty in case of installation by our professional teams.
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