Measurements for Windows Installation

Accurate measurements are essential for the success of any window installation project and installation quality.

We help you choose quality windows

To ensure that the new window meets your expectations, we will clarify the following details:
  • Number of leaves and opening type;
  • Moulding thickness;
  • Window block material: pine, larch, oak or mahogany, and we will present the characteristics of each option;
  • We will suggest a glass option according to your requirements: solar protection, energy efficiency, acoustic insulation, etc.;
  • Additional accessories: mosquito nets, frames, sills, jambs;
  • Additional options (electric motors).

Cautions when Taking Measurements for Windows

  • Before taking the measurements of a window aperture it is necessary to check for squareness: an overhang on the outside with about ¼ of a brick (65 mm). You can do this by taking the measurements of the width of the opening on the inside and outside. The difference between the inside and outside dimensions of the aperture should be around 10-15 cm. The window dimensions for apertures with and without frames will be different.
  • It's necessary to check for obliquity. The left and right frames must be subvertical, otherwise there is obliquity. This fact must be taken into consideration when determining the parameters of the future window.
  • It is necessary to determine the place where a window is going to be istalled. It should be at 2/3 of the width of the room's interior wall.
  • When determining the dimensions of the window it is necessary to take into account the thermal insulation, cladding or wall expansion plans.
  • As there's always a possibility of misalignment of the spans it is recommended to take the measurements at various points: at the ends and in the middle. The main dimension will be the minimum of the values obtained.

Windows Domus Arbor

Taking the right measurements isn’t all that is takes to get a quality structure. You need to choose a reliable manufacturer. For over 15 years, we've been creating top-class timber windows and glazing systems that can only be provided by us.

We manufacture:

  • sliding and opening systems (29 opening options);
  • panoramic glazing with column and beam systems;
  • large windows of irregular sizes;
  • complex configuration frames;
  • glazing glasshouses and swimming pools;
  • special windows (double, tilting, etc.).
  • Your custom project can include decorative frames, trim, sills, standard pallet colours, or according to the sample you provide. All products come with a lifetime guarantee.

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