Pine Windows

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Pine Windows
Pine windows are the most popular, most economical, and affordable version of timber windows. Pine wood is an excellent material for windows, doors, floors, and other decorative elements due to its thermal and acoustic insulation properties, resistance to moisture, ease of treatment and maintenance, durability, and aesthetic features.

Advantages of Pine Windows

Pine windows are an excellent choice for those looking for eco-friendly, beautiful, and energy-efficient windows at an affordable price.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Pine timber windows have high levels of breathability and excellent thermal insulation properties, which make them an ideal choice for energy-efficient buildings.
  • Lightness
    Pine wood is a lightweight material. Compared to oak windows of the same configuration, pine windows are much lighter, reducing the load on parts with the opening sashes. This is particularly important in large structures.
  • Affordable Price
    Pine windows are more affordable compared to other types of wood, such as chestnut, oak, iroko, and others.
  • Versatility
    Pine is easy to dye and paint, in addition to it’s capability to gain any texture and tone.

Pine Wood Window with Double Glazing

Pine wood double-glazed windows are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer an ecological solution without compromising on comfort. Double-glazed pine windows are also one of the most affordable options available. They are perfect for installation in houses, flats, and other types of buildings. With their excellent aesthetic features and functionality, they will fit well in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other rooms of the house. They are also an excellent environmentally friendly solution for children's bedrooms and kindergartens.

Price of Pine Windows

from 420 euros per window
The price is always individual, depending on numerous parameters such as the type of moulding system, dimensions of the aperture, accessories to be used, and more. Each project is customised, so the price is also formed based on the individual parameters. To get an estimate of the price of double-glazed pine windows, submit your request on our website, and a manager will contact you to clarify all the details.
Solid Pine Timber Windows
Solid pine is an integral natural wood material that can be processed or unprocessed. There are various methods of manufacturing parts, while the material always remains solid wood. The pine base stands out for its high quality, which makes it much more resistant compared to other varieties such as birch, linden, or poplar. Solid pine can be used in several civil construction sectors and is widely used in the manufacturing of windows. A solid pine window will be extremely reliable and sturdy, lasting for many years. Moreover, a window made of this material will always look beautiful and attractive. Solid pine is often used to make window sills, which have a beautiful and original design. Usually, their surface is subjected to an additional, more stringent treatment. The price of windows made of solid pine is higher, as a solid piece of wood without glued fragments is used.

Submit your request to get the best offer for pine timber windows.
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