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Timber entrance door

with individual project
Domus Arbor, your go-to source for high-quality timber entrance doors. Our timber doors crafted with the utmost attention to detail are specifically designed to provide safety, comfort, and long-lasting performance. The hardware and the locks we use are of the best brands and of the highest quality.

Portas de entrada de madeira

Here are 6 reasons why you should order doors from Domus Arbor:
  • 1
    High Insulation Capacity
    Our profile systems feature 2 or 3 sealing systems on the sill, sash, and frame. Additionally, we use multipoint locking and a solid high-pressure faceplate to guarantee high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation for your entrance door.
  • 2
    Various Configurations
    Whether you need a single or double leaf entrance door, with side and/or top glazing, or arched doors for any aperture dimensions, we've got you covered.
  • 3
    Comfort and Security
    We use a multipoint lock with a euro profile cylinder that is fully protected against forcing the lock with just one turn of the key. In addition to extreme security, this lock ensures excellent comfort and ease of rotation of the key.
  • 4
    Fast and Easy Ordering
    We will prepare a sketch of the door according to your dimensions and preferences, and promptly present you with a budget estimate.
  • 5
    Proven Hinge System
    Our doors are equipped with two to four Simonswerk hinges. Simonswerk is the leading European manufacturer of hinge systems for entrance doors. The hinges with non-removable pins prevent the removal of the door when it is closed, and can withstand high loads with a minimum of 200,000 opening and closing cycles.
  • 6
    Elegant and Original Design
    Choose from a variety of patterns, from classic to modern, with a choice of leaf filling (double glazing, sandwich, fielded sandwich), unlimited choice of colours, and additional decoration elements.

Prices of Timber Entrance Doors

Price from 2000 Euros per 1 m2
The choice of door starts by selecting the most suitable moulded panel. We offer detailed descriptions of the panels we use, from 78 to 90 mm thickness, with unique designs and flexible configurations. Our experienced managers will advise you on the most suitable panel for your home. The price of timber entrance doors also depends on the door material, the type of leaf filling, the configuration, the handle model, and the choice of lock.
Additional Options
Once you have chosen the panel for your entrance door, additional options are available to help make your door perfect. These include two-colour painting, additional decorative elements, installation of an electric lock, installation of brass or wooden bottom protection plates, hidden hinges, hidden springs, and installation of handle pulls.
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